Bridal Fantasy 2011

Bridal Fantasy 2011 was quite an incredible experience.

It’s quite something as an artist to get to see someone like your work so much they are bouncing around with glee. It’s all kinds of wonderful to see people pointing and laughing at a funny photo or gawking with an expression of pure awe. One gentleman caught my eye, gestured to my work, and gave me a thumbs up while being dragged away by his female entourage. One of my lovely staff for the event, Cathleen, told me that someone who had a very famous photographer who was a family friend back out on them was considering me. Now, for some that kind of response might swell the head. But to tell the truth, I’m usually so crippled by thoughts of inadequacy that all this praise just served to make me feel comforted. I guess I can stop telling my husband he’s biased? I had two different ladies like me so much that they booked their weddings on the spot, and others who were really interested in meeting with me to discuss all their options. So to all of you who came by and appreciated my work I offer a heartfelt thanks. I haven’t felt this good about picking an artistic career in a long time. And all you ladies considering Trash the Dress – I am SO excited that I have a chance to be a part of your plans. There were so many creative brides that I thought were just the coolest – who knows, I may even end up with some friends after some of these weddings!

It was a joy to get to talk to many people who were pleased by my packages and policies and to feel like I’m on the right path. And the mini accordion albums were a hit, just as I knew they would be – what a great way to enjoy and gift your wedding photos for a very reasonable price.

I’ll admit I didn’t get to see a whole lot of the other vendors this time – I was so busy from start to finish and setup took a little longer than we’d planned – but what I did see in the second hall where we were was really outstanding. A number of companies really went all out for the 2011 Bridal Fantasy, and so here’s a teensy sampler of what my camera had a chance to see the day of. You’ll notice a great deal of blue and silver, which is because the ladies from Blue Diamond Decorators were looking for some pro photos of their booth and I truly did think they had a lovely setup so I included a number of them here.


And now I have to finish editing my December work to make way for the 2011 Valentines Boudoir marathon on Saturday! I still have a few spaces open for Valentines bookings other than that if anyone would be interested, feel free to give me a call!

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