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Custom Graphic Design Solutions


Wedding Invitations

Custom Designed Wedding Invitations by Admire in Edmonton and Saskatoon offer you the unique chance to have a custom-designed piece of art for your wedding invites. Is there a look you want to achieve? A theme you need to preserve? Twyla will be happy to accommodate you. Hundreds of choices from sizes, papers, envelopes, and more to create invitations that are uniquely you. I’d also be happy to design anniversary invitations, birthday party invitations, and Unique Christmas Cards.

Wedding Albums

Some clients request custom design on their wedding albums, allowing me to do all sorts of interesting things – like, for example, putting together a comic-book spread in an album.


Small Business Design Solutions

Custom Graphic Design available for all kinds of Edmonton, AB or Saskatoon, SK based projects including:

  • Logo Design (Edmonton, AB-based)
  • Business Card Design
  • Poster Design
  • Album Cover Design
  • Brochure Design

Fees start at $50 per hour plus printing costs. Simple projects range between 3-6 hours (Around $250) and printing costs are widely varied. Contact me for information.

Find out more about Admire Studios’ Small Business Solutions.


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