Top Locations



These Edmonton photo locations are my favourites

Most of my clients have made it clear: I’m the expert, and they want me to choose the photography location. If that’s not you, and you already had a place near Edmonton in mind, please tell me about it right away, I’m always thrilled to shoot on acreages and other spots in and around Edmonton and its surrounding cities. 

If, however, you’re one of the people who just wants to trust me with the best place for your outdoor photo location, absolutely any of these places are fantastic places to go, so either pick one you’ve never seen before, or read my advice by clicking a space on the map and choose the photography location that seems best to you.

Please note, the exact pinpointed location is not the same as the location that might be in Google Maps. This map pinpoints the exact spot I like to meet clients to access all the best photography locations at that venue.

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