Edmonton Engagement Photos – Rob and Ashley

Ashley found me at the Bridal Fantasy Edmonton Bridal Show this past January. We sat and talked briefly about her upcoming wedding, and I got the distinct impression that she’d be a lot of fun to work with – and that impression carried over to Rob a few days later. I think that probably the simplest way to put it up front is that Rob and Ashley are slightly insane – and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Their silliness knows few boundaries, and the amount of tickling going on was bordering on criminal, but hey, there’s nothing like playfulness to make a relationship a well-oiled machine. Okay, I wouldn’t necessarily use well-oiled machine in reference to these guys either unless it was a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory machine. But cuteness and fun rolls off of them in waves, which is why I am definitely looking forward to their wedding, which is coming up in just a few weeks in May.

I was originally not going to be able to post this right away because I’m off to the Canada Wedding Photo Convention in Burnaby this week, but I didn’t want to wait to take a look at their fantastic photos – and there’s a ton more coming! Photography is really important to Rob and Ashley, and they’re diving in with both feet with the All Inclusive “Passion” wedding package – you’ll be seeing not only these Engagement photos, but Wedding Photos, Wedding Photobooth photos (I am assured that their wedding guests level of ridiculousness makes them look tame, so I assume the photo booth will be a font of creativity) Dress 2.0 re-wearing the dress, and maybe even some awesome boudoir shots in the coming months.

I am especially a fan of the beautiful ring shot with a budding branch. Spring has sprung!!

edmonton wedding photographers
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