Kori and Dave’s Engagement

I don’t actually do a ton of work for family or friends, but when my friend Kori asked me to be her wedding photographer, it was a proposal I couldn’t say no to! I had the fantastic opportunity to drive down to her home in Shellbrook, SK to visit and go down to the woods for an engagement session.

Bacon is for Lovers

With every couple I talk to them about the things they love, the quirks they want to remember, and the inside jokes they have… There was no shortage of any of these. Bacon was purchased specifically for snacking on the job. A hilarious T-shirt was worn. We had fun. 

Session Style

Kori has hired me as a photographer before, and every time I work with her, I go completely nuts for her awesome personal style and esthetic – and this shoot was no exception! Her feather earrings just completed her look perfectly. Dangly earrings were all the better for pestering, from Dave’s point of view! The dogs were a total blast – I was so excited to showcase everyone’s gorgeous eyes and those doe-eyed dogs make for a pretty picture, that’s for sure!


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