Family Portraits in the Sunshine

Miller Family Photos - August 2011 (Twyla Lapointe)

I spent a lovely afternoon in the Miller family’s beautiful backyard – and I got to be a lady’s birthday present! It made me feel really special, and they were fantastic customers and good sports – especially the ridiculously cute kids. There were some protests of not being photogenic, but I’ll let you judge if there’s any unphotogenic people in these photos – I certainly don’t think so!

What a great day to be a photographer in the Edmonton sunshine! I can tell you honestly that these folks are exactly the kind of customers I want! The birthday girl in question specified for her present that she wanted family photos while all the family were around – and she didn’t want photos in a studio. Having family photos done outdoors is a great way to capture the life and vibrance of a family – and just think about what it means in the long term. The memories you have of your favourite park or your own backyard stay with you – so shouldn’t your family photos bring you back to those moments of happiness? There’s nothing you can do about the in-style looks that come and go necessarily, but who wants to remember the mullet days!? Well, nostalgia is pretty awesome sometimes. But trees and grass and sky are eternal – unlike backdrops, whose colors and styles change with the times. The creation of family portraits is all about bringing you back to nostalgia, to a frozen moment – and not just a mere photographic moment taken for the sake of passing time and growing children, but a moment of pure, sweet life to remember and pass down.

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