Zero Stress Last Minute Graduation Photos!
23 May

Zero Stress Last Minute Graduation Photos! .

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Last minute Grad photography is something I completely understand – graduation involves a lot of different things to remember, dates, times, when to pick up the gown… it’s easy to forget something – or maybe someone was sick or on vacation when the official photographer was at the school.

Grad Photos in Cap and Gown

For a number of years now, I’ve offered a service that helps new graduations fit getting their photo taken into the busy grad weekend. I can either set up in my own home, or bring my portable equipment, set up a white backdrop and professional lighting and then you’ll have good photographs of your beautiful, just-graduated face! Up until now, I haven’t had a cap or gown available, however for the 2018 grad season, I’ll have a cap and gown available throughout May.

In this case, I even edited the photos on the spot so they would go into the yearbook – but with all my last-minute Grad sessions, I typically finish them within 1-2 days.

A Surprisingly Fun Experience

It’s important to me that everyone wins – so that’s why after I do the work of setup, I want to have an enjoyable time! I make sure that my subject looks like themselves – on a fresh-faced, good hair day – and that they are smiling and relaxed by the time we take the winning photos. Abdulahi was pleased that I was willing to take some fun photos of him as well as the classic one’s for his Mom’s wall of pride – her third son to graduate high school and go on to bigger and better things!



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