High Life Limousine – Web Launch!

Admire is pleased to announce the completion of a partner website! Saskatoon folk, check out the High Life Limousine website for competitively-priced limo services in Saskatoon! The logo and site design are Admire’s work, and I am very proud of this one!

Also coming in November, the new website for Enigma Salon Studio in Saskatoon!

For those of you interested in other websites I’ve designed from scratch, take a look at some of these.

A Saskatoon-based fashion designer

Sites I’ve designed in the past as a volunteer that have been removed due to updates and new webmasters: Midwest Quizzing District (2003), U of S Ballroom Dancing Club (2009), and more to the tune of about one a year since high school, but I can’t remember them all at present.

Personal Sites:

My wedding website, a labour of love.
Twyla Central
My personal website with a theme of red telephone booths, one of my favourite items! Dial your way to a part of the site. I hope to do some renovations here in the years to come and put it back online.

And a bonus – something truly terrible – my first Geocities website during my free stuff obsession seven years ago: Only the BEST Freebies
Hope you enjoyed my sordid past on the web…

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