Katelyn & Clay’s Wedding Photography Registry

Give a Gift that Lasts

Wedding Photography is the longest lasting part of the wedding day – it even outlasts the bride and groom in many cases, with family wedding photos from a hundred years ago being a highlight of many family homes today. Katelyn and Clay have chosen a unique and modern Registry option to allow you – their guests – to give them a gift that will last a lifetime. Thanks for considering being a part of it!

Twyla Lapointe, their wedding photographer, offers wedding photography registries to allow couples the chance to upgrade their package, fill their home with lovely photographic mementos of the wedding day, and connect guests with an easy way to help fund their photography.

 Katelyn & Clay’s Registry: How to Give

Purchasing your gift for the couple is fast and easy.

  1. Get in touch with Twyla to let her know your gift is coming- Email: [email protected] | Call: (780) 250-6878
  2. Pay into the fund via any of the Admire Studios acceptable payment methods – pretty much any way you want! Be sure to identify “Katelyn & Clay” as your recipient, and address any cheques to Admire Studios
  3. Include your name(s) and a brief message for the couple. The amount of your gift will also be included in this note for the bride and groom!

Don’t worry if you have questions, I can talk you through exactly what you need to do.

Once Admire Studios receives your gift, we will record your name and message for the couple to be put in a keepsake card later, and put the money towards the couple’s wedding package, or if it has already been paid by the couple or the other guests, towards the couple’s choice of amazing display pieces like specialized albums, wall pieces, canvases and prints. Gifts can be provided up to 2 weeks after the wedding, if you forgot to purchase something for them. Choose to give a gift that lasts and give photography to be Admired. Then you just have to sit back and avoid the department store maze altogether!

Frequently Asked Questions


The bride and groom can apply your Wedding Photography gift through Admire Studios in a number of creative ways. The most common uses of the photography gift registry are:

  • Early Gifts can pay off the wedding package itself (in this case that’s where most of it is going!)
  • Extend the coverage of an existing wedding package – i.e., add dance coverage
  • Add a Dress 2.0 Fashion Session, Bridal Boudoir, or Anniversary session
  • Add an Album to their Package, or Upgrade the size, cover options, and length (number of photos) of their Album
  • Purchase large canvas or Admire’s unique metal wall prints of their chosen photos
  • Get prints made

We don’t recommend assigning your gift if there’s no direction from the bride and groom here (they probably have particular plans) but you can certainly make suggestions if nothing has been provided! If you give your gift before 1 month prior to the wedding – when you get your invitation – it’s probably going to go towards the couple’s wedding photography package, and if you give your gift at the wedding, it will go towards products and services – often an album! The bride will probably let you know in her thank you cards what your gift went towards.


How much you give the couple is totally up to you. No gift is too small, and we will work with the couple to make the best out of their total. If a group of people decide that this kind of photography wedding registry gift is unique and ideal, it can add up and allow the couple to select beautiful, large, high-end products and services and extra sessions!

It’s difficult to provide a great estimate of what you should give because giving is a personal decision, but just to give you an idea of what Katelyn and Clay are looking for: Kateyln and Clay’s package is $1,750, Albums are usually from $350 up, with upgrades for $50-200 and albums for parents are $350-$500; large canvases are $300-500…

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