KEYERA Christmas Photos

So you got Photos at a Keyera Event. Now what?

Here’s all the information you need in 3 Easy Steps!

Did you get Photos With Santa at Galaxyland? You’re in the right place!

1. Keep that Ticket handy!

We’ve got your gallery number in our records, so if you do happen to lose it, please just let us know and we can give you your number.

Your Gallery number is the LAST 3 DIGITS of your ticket. This is also how to identify your prints at the Facilities.

Your email will be added to the Gallery by our staff – once the gallery is online, you’ll get an email letting you know, and also the link will appear here. (Expect the gallery to come online within 48 hours of the event.)



2. While you wait, check out our Catalog.

Get ready to purchase through the gallery! It’s really easy…

Once you see your gallery photos, you can use the Add to Cart feature to add any of our available products. If you’d like anything you don’t see there, please don’t hesitate to give me a phone call or email!

Submit your Favourites so YOU can narrow things down for yourself:
Simply click the “Favourites” ♡ Heart on each image you wish. When you’re done, choose the “Favourites” ♡ button in the top right corner (the heart!) and then click “Submit Favourites.”

3. Look forward to your Gift from KEYERA!

KEYERA is gifting each of you with a 5×7 print of the photographer’s choice of the best image – you may have seen the sample of it at the photo shoot. Your photos will be available within the next few weeks at the KEYERA facility you work at.

Make sure to pick up your photo gift with your ticket, or the last 3 digits of your ticket number!

Did you have an absolutely stellar time? You can help support my small business if you only take a moment to reccomend us on Google!

Here’s the thing, I get almost all of my business from people landing on this page (that’s how KEYERA found me and decided to bring me in), so your review could make a massive difference for me. If you put up a review and email me the secret code you can take your pick of a $5 coffee gift card or a free digital file, highlight below:

The secret code is: Olive the Other Reindeer!

Love and Candy from Santa’s Camera Elf and the Reindeer,


(And for those of you from Galaxyland, thanks to our Santa from Fun Time Express!)


Q: My ticket number brings me to someone else’s photos? What do I do?

A: There might have been a bit of confusion once or twice over which gallery was which, so your ticket may be one or two numbers off. For the gallery, check the gallery covers beside yours for a familiar face! Please let me know if this happens and I’ll do my best to make the change before your prints go out to the facility so yours go to the right place.

Q: How do I make my order?

A: In your gallery, hover your mouse over the photograph that you want to order. A small shopping cart icon will appear – click on it.

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