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Introducing a Wedding Registry for your Photography

Easter may not be a conventional season for gifts, chocolate aside, but I’ve been developing some fantastic gift options, and one of which in particular I think you’re all going to love! One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years is that the typical Bride and Groom of today, since we’re all getting married later in life, don’t have a lot of material needs. If you’re the cooking type maybe your kitchen needs some better outfitting, but chances are one or both of you have set up house already for 5-10 years and doesn’t really need a department store’s help in such a big way. When we got married, we made a blog post for all the random stuff we needed and encouraged people to buy things used, but boy, if the option I’m about to present had been available to me I’d have jumped at it! I found a couple of photographers in the USA who’d developed this great solution to the big fat wedding budget, and it’s time for me to make the same offer to all the new brides and grooms I’ll be meeting in 2012, and maybe some I’ve met before!

With wedding prices soaring – some estimates say the average wedding in Alberta costs $30,000 – you know you could use a little help on the wedding budget… So without further ado (no matter how excited I am):

Introducing the Admire Studios Photography Wedding Registry!

The short version for brides and grooms:

  • Book your wedding with Admire Studios, pay your $500 deposit
  • Ask me for your Complimentary Photography Registry. Let your guests know about it! I’ll give you a page on my site and business card size cards to include in your invitations with information on your registry.
  • If you’ve had your Engagement Session before you send your invites, one side of the cards will have your photo!
  • Guests will contact me and put money in any amount they choose towards your photography package and products.
  • Your guests will be able to gift you with your wedding photography and your choice of prints, albums, and products!

I have a ton more information on this on the Photography Wedding Registry page.
If you like Admire Studios but your wedding budget is getting out of control, this is the way to go!

Re-Introduction: Admire Studios Session Photography Gift Cards

If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for people who have everything, buying a group gift for a co-worker, bridal shower, bachelorette, or baby shower, this might be the perfect gift for you. Many lovely people have bought my photo sessions as gifts for friends and family – most of them for newborn sessions with new parents. Recently, one family told me their session had been a gift and remarked that it was probably the most thoughtful and meaningful gift they had been given for their baby! If you feel that a session might be a great gift – and maybe even a little selfish because you want to see those pictures too – I have Gift Cards just for that! I’ve had them for some time, actually, but they were primarily being used as donations – but I’ve had more and more people come to me seeking photo packages as a gift, so I’ve given Photography Gift Cards a place on my site so they can be more easily found. And yes, these are beautiful high-quality paper 5×7 cutout cards that look a little something like this, but with fancy edges:

edmonton photography gift cards

I’d love some feedback on these ideas! Give me a shout…

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