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For use IN PRINT, use the following for image credits:

© Admire Studios –

For use ONLINE, use one of the following for image credits:

© Admire Studios –

© Admire Studios

In-Text Credits Online or in Print

When talking about Admire Studios, please ensure that both my name (Twyla Lapointe) and the words Admire Studios appear. When my logo or a watermark is present, that counts as the reference to Admire Studios. If an image or reference is in a PDF or printed media, you are required to include my company name in print as per crediting rules above. If an image or text referring to my business is online, please include a hyperlink.

The best link is “” – if space is an issue in print, “” is fine.


The photographer, Twyla Lapointe of Admire Studios, was inspired by the unique decor of the event and captured these amazing images:


You can use any of the wording from the links or paragraphs there to write something appropriate to your needs.

About The Artist
Short facts about Twyla, suitable for writing bios/articles

About Admire Studios
Vision and Ideals of Admire Studios


Short Sample Bio – Admire Studios (Personal)

Making people comfortable and seeing the unique beauty in every person and the genuine importance of all the events and landmarks in their lives are my greatest strengths as a photographer! I have been capturing events and portraits for over a decade, collecting beautiful moments.


Short Sample Bio – Portraits
I’m Twyla, and I have been a photographer for over a decade. I love capturing the essence of an event or person in a photograph, and immersing myself in someone else’s world for just a moment, which is what attracts me to photography. I thrive in new, interesting situations and love engaging with my “muses” to capture photogenic expressions and emotions!


Short Sample Bio – Events
After a decade of photography, there is nothing I love more than entering new worlds as an event photographer! Immersing myself in someone else’s world and recognizing all the things that are most important to them gives me new perspectives. As an event photographer, it is my job to capture photogenic expressions and emotions, and I love my job!


Full Colour Logos
Admire Studios logos for print and online use

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