Pummelvision on the Photobooth!

Speaking of videos, I had an awesome time photographing at the wedding photobooth I did the other day… It occurred to me that the best possible way to showcase the fun everyone so obviously had would be to make a Pummelvision video out of the photos!

Things I learned while photographing at this wedding photobooth:

-You’ll never have a big enough background for all the guests who want to be in the same photo at the same time!
– Children still play dressup, and it’s a ton of fun to play with them. I’m the large lady in the aqua-green dress with the kidlets. They kept trying to get me in the photos with them. I think it’s because they liked me!!
– Never underestimate the power of a silly hat.
– Those who do not want to be part of the photobooth may be forcibly dragged into the area by spouses and friends. (But I don’t drag anyone, I promise!)

I’m having a little bit of nostalgia for the other Edmonton Bridal Fantasy dress-up photobooth I did with fellow Bridal Fantasy and Bridal Conference vendors. Speaking of which, just a few weeks until I see brides aplenty at Edmonton’s Bridal Conference! Looking forward to it!

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