Calgary Photography Workshop with Christina Craft

 (Twyla Lapointe)

What a privilege to be a part of Christina Craft’s lighting and wedding photography workshop on Saturday. I woke at a ridiculous hour to drive through the torrential downpour to Calgary, where I was greeted by breakfast dainties, a charismatic master photographer, and really, really nice desk chairs for all at the SAIT Polytechnic Campus. I have 9 pages of typewritten notes beyond the handouts, and even learned a random Photoshop shortcut I’d never discovered watching Christina work on screen. After a boisterous few weeks where I acquired new equipment (now shooting with a D7000 and a new-to-me 24mm lens as well as my semi-new 50mm), a new online presence and web domain, and an attempt at re-vamping the way I see through the lens, I am really excited about the results of this day-long workshop being so stunning visually. I had an amazing experience and I love adding yet another excellent name to my growing list of excellent photographers whose advice and knowledge have given me a boost. Looking at how far I’ve come just in the past year is extremely encouraging. Enjoy some more of the photographs I took at the workshop: Calgary models’ wedding style photography.

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