Michele and Brandon’s Wedding Photos (Sherwood Park)

Michele and Brandon's Wedding - Sherwood Park, AB - Festival Place (Twyla Lapointe)

I got to be part of the 16 hour marathon that was this wedding this Saturday, and it was totally worth it! Michele was SO nice to all her vendors, and I really loved her fall-themed decor. (Fall is my favourite season!)  I enjoyed my time in the salon, called Headquarters, and I’d recommend it for sure, particularly the makeup ladies and the girl who did the maid of honour’s hair (photo #3 in the set) because they were awesome.  I’m really excited to have shot my first Sherwood Park wedding photos, it was a really interesting experience. I enjoyed the Festival Place grounds, and the reception hall was a really great location for a reception (and the food was tasty!) It was also the very first wedding in the brand new Sherwood Park church building: Glory Lutheran! The church has been around a while, but the new church is quite nice inside. As soon as I find out who the DJ was I’ll be posting about him as well!

Special thanks to all who helped make this day a success!!

Check out the rest of the preview photos here:
Sherwood Park, AB Wedding Photos – Festival Place, Headquarters Salon, Glory Lutheran – Michele and Brandon’s Wedding Photography

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