Missed Grad Photo? No problem!

"I AM *SO* excited about this - Wal-MART was *TERRIBLE*!"

Those were the words that greeted me before this charming high school grad and I spent half an hour basking in the warm spring sunlight while I snapped away last year! I’m pretty sure you had a better experience than at the Wal-Mart Photo Studio, Julia! Graduation photos should be a way to celebrate, not a drudgery, and I think we did something really fabulous here. It’s interesting, in the States it’s really common to get “senior photos” after your grade 12 grad – it’s almost a right of passage down there, while here we almost never do! I think that high school and University grad are both events to be remembered, and photography is a great way to remember the days when you were young, either confused or totally sure about the future (I remember everyone being one of those and very few people being in between…) and with so much of life ahead. Julia had been sick during Grade 12 photos, and I replicated a grad photo for her to submit to the Yearbook, too. Enjoy these sunny spring photos this rainy week!

julia in her grad gown

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