U of A Occupational Therapy – Class of 2012

It’s not everyday a photographer gets to take a group photo with almost a hundred people – but today is not just any day! My husband’s graduating class of the U of A Occupational Therapy Class of 2012 were all together today – for many of them, this is the last week they’ll see all the friends they’ve made over the last two years, unless you count Facebook – and these photos. Thanks to Shannon for giving me the 10pm call last night asking if I’d take the photo for everyone. It turned out really well, especially considering that the space was pretty small to fit that many people into! Knowing a lot of these people personally, I can assure you that the second picture is far more accurate.

U of A Occupational Therapy - Class of 2012 Photo

If any of you missed the chance to order a photo, or you weren’t sure but you’d like to now, please don’t hesitate to call or email me, and I’ll get that set up for you. Photos will be available from Paul on Wednesday. Please bring cash for the photos you ordered, a PDF of the final order list will be online tomorrow.

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