Mileage Within Alberta

Mileage fees will be calculated to 55 cents per kilometer from my home.

While my service area is generous, some folks are interested in lake or acreage photos, and I don’t mind coming out to you! Remember that this will be calculated for the way there and back.

For example, if you want to meet me in the towering lake town of Wabumun, AB that’s 75km from my home, which means your mileage charge is for 150 km, that’s $82.50+GST, or $86.63 in total. Not bad for having a pro photographer brought to your door, eh? If I have the time I will do my best to fit you in. For very long trips, there may be additional charges, or I may need to have you purchase a Greyhound ticket for me so I can get some work done…

Saskatchewan Clients

Many locations in Saskatchewan have no mileage fees.

Are you in Saskatchewan and interested in working with me? Please contact me to find out when I will next be travelling to Saskatoon or Regina, or if you are outside of those areas, please contact me to work something out.

Destination Weddings

Many locations in Saskatchewan have no mileage fees.

I am thrilled to travel with married couples as they get married all over! Over the past decade I’ve shot weddings all over the place – lakes in Saskatchewan, urban Toronto, Dallas, beautiful Victoria – another pretty V for Veradero, Cuba, and obviously one iconic V: Vegas! That’s just a few of the notables, but I have a whole dream list of where I’d like to travel. If you’re considering me for your wedding, you should know my travel policy:

  • If my husband can get time off work so we can both go, and you pay for both of our airfare/accomodation, that’s your fee. This has only sometimes worked out, but it’s pretty cool!
  • I am not opposed to AirBnB, or even family bedrooms. I’ve stayed in both for work before! No need for a fancy hotel room – but if that’s what you have to give me I’ll be equally thrilled.
  • I will ALWAYS want to do a special post-wedding session with you. Whether we get dirty by the shore, hang out with bats in a cave, drink wine in Italy, or all kinds of ideas – I am totally in. I like camping and the outdoors, but I do draw the line at serious hiking!
  • Basically, my policy is “Let’s figure it out together!” If you’re going to invite me on your adventure, I will try to make it even more adventurous and FUN!