Ashley’s Spray Park Trash the Dress – Edmonton

Working with Ashley and Robert for their engagement and wedding was fabulous, and it just keeps getting better. The original plan for Ashley’s Dress 2.0 session with Admire Studios was to go puddle jumping, and… well… it’s safe to say there were some puddles in the final day! Ashley and her two nieces took a walk on the wet side at the Castle Downs Spray Park, and what a colourful, awesome park it was! Ashley ended up getting incredibly, fabulously wet, and one of the best parts is that she can just dry-clean the dress and it will be wedding-day perfect once again! Ashley said she enjoyed being the star of the day, and there were an awful lot of kids and adults who came up with some questions – and everyone thought she was getting married that day, but she told them all she’d been married for a few weeks! We definitely picked up some groupies along the way, which is one of my favourite parts of having a public dress session, sharing the awesome fun you can have! Congratulations Ashley on an amazingly fun day, and thanks for making me a part of it.

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