Baby Face!

While I was reminiscing over my past photographic sessions and successes, I came across these photos from last summer. Again, according to my thoughts on “fake” photography, I will disclaim that these photographs were taken at a professional development workshop – but in this case I have to say, many of these moments were very authentic to a real photographer-subject experience – the first time meeting the family, and spending some one-on-one time… Mom and Dad even loved some of the photos so much they purchased some prints from me. I was lucky enough to get to work with Mom and baby by ourselves because we were both early to the IE 2011 “Supershoot” Family practice session. It was also my first time trying out a lens that I now own, graciously provided by one of the workshop co-ordinators, who being a Nikon shooter gave me the choice of his impressive set to borrow and try, as well as experimenting with the on-site lights. For me, with lenses, sometimes I put a lens on and it feels awkward and wrong, and sometimes, like the porridge and the bed and the Bear’s chair, it’s just right. This lens – the one I used for all the photos that Dad is in – was a great example of that perfect fit, and I am so pleased to have one now. (Some of the photos of Jen in the Snow were taken using that very lens.) I can’t help but smile every time I see these photos, and I feel like they’re the best thing I came out of that week with! Enjoy some baby smiles…

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