Rob and Ashley’s Awesome Wedding

Every once and awhile, I meet a bride and instantly know it’s going to be an awesome fit. I spoke about this before when I posted their Engagement Session – when Ashley met me at Bridal Fantasy in January looking for a photographer for their wedding – stat – it was an instant fit. One of the things I was told – well, more correctly warned – about was that their wedding party and friends were suitably interesting as well, and so I was really looking forward to their wedding. This was a good thing, because it ended up freshly taking the spot of my favourite wedding I have ever had the privelege of photographing.

I have a whole lot of evidence to prove that this wedding deserves this title. Ashley’s Mom cried when she saw her daughter in her veil for the first time. The groom and groomsmen were each sporting a lovely nerd-shirt identifying them as DC fans in the wake of all the Avenger movie madness and some… appropriate props
. The groom, obviously, was Super-Man. One of the groomsmen found a frog at the Polish Country Lodge (our venue for the day) and the bride was as happy as could be – she tried to kiss it, but it only submitted to being petted. No matter, she already has her prince! The horses at the nearby stable were politely interested in the goings-on and curiously came to visit a giddy bride who spoke to them like long-lost friends. A Nerf Gun shootout was organized to keep the bride and groom from getting to the cake. Dad beamed so bright at the Father-daughter dance it looked like he was glowing! The photobooth was full of all the sillyness one could ask for in a wedding, and everyone seemed to have a super amazing time. The bride rocked the dance floor. Everything was amazing!

As a wedding vendor, I am occasionally very impressed with other vendors, but in this case I was totally impressed with all of them! I complimented the bride on their choices, because I’ve never had a wedding before where I felt like every vendor was amazing. Drumroll please! Shout out to the rustic and beautiful Polish Country Lodge who provided the outdoor setup, catering, and the bartenders in brightly colored shirts with jokes to spare and always smiling, efficient serving staff dropping off the exceedingly delicious and hot food; the incredible LLL Cakes who made a delicious cake for every table in three different designs (over a dozen in all), lovely and unique flowers that lasted all day by Kuhlman’s, Lisa Marie Mac of Escapade Entertainment DJ Services who emcee’d well and provided crowd-sensitive DJ skills – with the music at the exact correct volume for the space. All these things in one wedding are rare indeed – and considering the Bride’s dad took me aside to say that he felt I’d done an exceptionally good job, I am honored to be included rather by default in my own list of the awesome vendors chosen by Ashley and Rob. Oh – and the salon was behind Fadel’s Barber Shop.

I debated whether to split this into multiple posts, but I figured I should just keep it all together. Unfortunately if your internet is slow, you’ll just have to grab a cup of coffee and wait it out, or settle for their individual wedding gallery. If you’re a guest and you’re looking for the photo booth photos, there’s a couple little previews below, and they’re all coming very soon to a Facebook near you, and to the gallery, so your patience is appreciated! And you might want to hold out for another set of photos, too – the bride is donning that dress again and taking some of the little girls in the family puddle jumping before spring is out!

If you’re a bride looking for a photographer, know that this sort of silliness fills me with energy, and this exactly the sort of wedding I love to shoot! My favourites are silly and meaningful weddings. And this wedding was silly and meaningful too – it was exactly like the bride and groom – filled with joy at the beautiful day and a beautiful love that lasts and lasts! I hope you enjoy the moments I’ve captured.

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