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The Rise of the Fake Wedding Photo

Chicago photographer Kevin Weinstein’s recent blog post about “fake” wedding images is the sort of thing that educated brides would want to know, I think. Most brides may not be aware that some blogs are posting “wedding” images that may


Why Hire A Professional

I feel that I conform to the points on this list – I always work to completely outdo my sample works, I am passionate about professional ethics and high quality standards, I network with other professionals, and I do my level best to attend as many photographic education appointments and classes as I can manage – and I enjoy them all. I haven’t joined the PPA here yet, but I will be joining at a future date. I strive to bring the very best to the market in all areas of my work.

I am seeking every definition of Professional in this business and trying to adhere to a standard that will set me apart from the crowd of people who are willing to pick up a camera and take photographs. It’s best to go with someone you trust. And I don’t mean a friend.

Here’s an article that talks about the difference. It’s about an ameteur who had a chance to work with some real, incredible pros.

“I now disagree more than ever with the digital-age adage that “now everyone is a photographer.”
performs to a high standard of conduct in accordance with the code of ethics”
performs to a high standard of conduct in accordance with the code of ethics

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