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Just for the Fans

You know what I find really weird? Having fans! It was never something I thought about as I entered the world of photography, but now I have people who think what I do is awesome and tell everyone about their


Claire-Bear’s Baby Photos

Everyone always asks me, when they see photos I’ve taken at tradeshows and such, “Is that your baby?” Which I am always a little stunned by considering that usually the people who say this are looking at one photo of


Frosty Day

Everyone knows that doing something you love as a job can make it a challenge to keep your love alive. With photography, sometimes all it takes to revive the love of what you do is to find something really beautiful


Big Wheels 2011

Meals on Wheels celebrates Seniors’ Week with a “Big Wheels Deliver Meals” tailgate barbeque and show n’ shine – this year there was great weather on June 10, 2011, and I had the privilege of being their volunteer photographer –


Whyte at Night

I am privileged to live in the most stellar home, where my view of the city is breathtaking. Here’s Edmonton City Centre and Whyte Ave at around 10pm from my loft balcony, where earlier today I cooked a delicious supper

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