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Making Payment Plans Work For You

For the last couple of years I have been offering payment plans for weddings and some sessions, but I haven’t said too much about them online. What I have found is that although many people feel that excellent, professional photography

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Littles in Blue

It is now so rare to shoot with family and friends for me that I consider it a special privelege! In the case of the Little family, we go back years to a close friendship that got started in Saskatoon


Richter Family and Maternity

It’s been my pleasure to spend some of the most beautiful summer days lately at Hawrelak Park – which is so big that I could almost shoot there forever and have different photos every time if I wanted to. Of


Cameron Family Photos

When I first met the Cameron Family at the park, we were totally surrounded by swarms of people! Good thing I gave them a pretty specific meeting spot, or our session time might have been more like playing Where’s Waldo!


Mother’s Day is Coming!

Can you believe it’s only a month before Mother’s Day? I want to celebrate by showcasing my very favourite newborn shoot from late last year – and to let you know to look forward to this beautiful couple’s wedding photos


Claire-Bear’s Baby Photos

Everyone always asks me, when they see photos I’ve taken at tradeshows and such, “Is that your baby?” Which I am always a little stunned by considering that usually the people who say this are looking at one photo of


Hey Baby Girl!

Brooklyn was such a sweet baby! Her parents and I had some good laughs over her favourite hand-tasting pose. They told me they had received the session as a gift, and that they’d considered it very thoughtful for someone to look to


Baby JJ

A couple of weekends ago, I spent a fantastic time with my lovely and talented photographer friends Alli, Jana, Michelle, and Justina comparing notes and doing what we do everyday, try to take over the world! Okay, Pinky and the


One Week

I had the great pleasure of photographing the week-old new baby of Russell and Alex, whose wedding I enjoyed photographing a number of years ago (anyone familiar with my work may remember these new parents as the founding members of

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