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Raffa Family Photos

Working with the Raffa and Pollard families was a wonderful experience. The Pollard boys have the most gorgeous brilliant blue eyes, and the whole family was really great to work with, even though if we could have stopped at one


Bokenfohr Family Portraits

Sometimes I am very grateful for people’s patience, and the other day I had one of those days where everything went wrong. I had a tough time getting to the Bokenfohr acreage – I got lost in the grid on


Harvey Family Photos

I always enjoy working with extended families who live together, as I grew up with my Mom, Grandparents, and Aunt. The Harvey family is a lovely mix of people who’s smiles and great attitude to life made my day. They

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Littles in Blue

It is now so rare to shoot with family and friends for me that I consider it a special privelege! In the case of the Little family, we go back years to a close friendship that got started in Saskatoon


Lovatt Family Photos

The Lovatt girls found me in a search for the perfect Father’s Day/Birthday gift for Dad, and it sounded like Mom was pretty happy to share in the gift as well. She told me that it was perfect because they


Yablonsky Family Photography

It’s always interesting as a photographer to work with people and situations you don’t know a great deal about. In the case of the Yablonsky family, a friend purchased a family session for them as a gift card several months


Four Ladies!

I always feel very special when my photography services are given as a gift, and working with the Cooper ladies was no exception. Danielle was very excited to purchase the session as a Mother’s Day gift, and even though we


Cameron Family Photos

When I first met the Cameron Family at the park, we were totally surrounded by swarms of people! Good thing I gave them a pretty specific meeting spot, or our session time might have been more like playing Where’s Waldo!


Baby Face!

While I was reminiscing over my past photographic sessions and successes, I came across these photos from last summer. Again, according to my thoughts on “fake” photography, I will disclaim that these photographs were taken at a professional development workshop

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