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Editing vs. Retouching

I’m going to go into a lot more detail on this article when it’s necessary for just explaining what the difference between editing and retouching is. I do know that some people are fascinated by the processes used in my

Interior and Exterior image Admire Studios

Property Management Show Suites – ULM

  Over the past several years I’ve had the pleasure of developing several relationships with different property management companies, both for interior and exterior photography and including residential and commercial tenants. While many photographers might find these kinds of jobs


Edmonton Comic Expo 2014

“There’s a lot of weird people here, isn’t there?” That quote takes the prize for my favourite interaction at the incredible Edmonton Expo, because while it’s true, it was said with absolutely no malice. I absolutely love the video of cosplayers


Wedding Fever

After an incredible experience meeting the brides and grooms of Saskatoon’s You May Kiss the Bride wedding showcase, one of Saskatoon’s best wedding shows, I am gearing up for this weekend in Edmonton at Bridal Fantasy’s Fall Fashion Edition show!


Making Payment Plans Work For You

For the last couple of years I have been offering payment plans for weddings and some sessions, but I haven’t said too much about them online. What I have found is that although many people feel that excellent, professional photography


Just for the Fans

You know what I find really weird? Having fans! It was never something I thought about as I entered the world of photography, but now I have people who think what I do is awesome and tell everyone about their


Why Seven Deadly Sins?

When the storm leaves, there’s a silence That says you don’t have to fear anymore The trees are greener, the sky’s an ocean The world is washed and starting over The boudoir photography season before Valentines is upon us, and

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